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We know that many asset management firms want to bring in talent from underrepresented communities but often don't know how or have the resources to discover larger candidate pools. Recruitment is an ongoing process that takes significant time and money. Let STREAM help you to find the best candidate for the role through our diverse pool of applicants that are screened, prepped and ready to interview. 


Throughout the internship experience, students have the opportunity to network, learn and grow from industry leaders around them. Each internship includes compensation (in the form of pay and/or scholarship assistance), a 2-year license to Wall Street Prep, many events, exclusive Lunch and Learn content from industry leaders, and a housing/travel stipend.  They will also be paired with an industry mentor that can guide them through network building and future opportunities and a student liaison that is new to the industry and closer in age for different guidance.

We would be happy to discuss with you if your firm might be interested in hosting a STREAM intern.


​We want to disrupt the industry by increasing diverse representation. Are you ready to host a STREAM Scholar and be the change?

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